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What is the best music streaming service?

What is the best music streaming service?
Photo by Heidi Fin / Unsplash

The music industry has changed a lot over the years and this has caused us to change the way we listen to it. Recently, music streaming services have become popular that allow you to listen to all the music you want by registering or paying a monthly fee.

Due to the large number of services that offer us the possibility of listening to music, it has become a challenge to find one that suits our needs. In this publication I bring you my favorites and their characteristics.

Apple Music

In love whit the iPhone X

Great audio quality and simple interface

Apple Music is an apple service that allows us to listen to all the music we want from its extensive catalog by paying a monthly subscription. It is compatible with both company devices and android devices. The monthly plans are the follow one:

Pros: Large catalog, live radio, very good integration with apple devices, curated playlists, free trial of up to 4 months, excellent audio quality, minimalist interface and easy to use.

Cons: There is no free version.


What are you listening to today?

Free plan and great variety of content

Spotify is a music streaming service from Sweden that offers us a large catalog of music and podcasts at a very affordable price or even free in its version with ads.

Pros: Free plan, collaborative playlists, podcasts, available for all devices.

Cons: The free plan is almost useless, intrusive advertising, poor quality sound, you can't listen to the music you want (you can only use random mode).

Amazon Music

Perfect integration with alexa and great discounts

Pros: Good integration with Alexa smart assistants, good sound quality, great discounts for students.

Cons: No free version.