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Gadgets that will make your daily life easier

Gadgets that will make your daily life easier
Photo by NordWood Themes / Unsplash

Discover the products we recommend to make your life easier without spending a lot of money.

This plug allows you to turn an appliance into a smart appliance. With it you can activate your devices with your mobile phone, voice assistant and even program them to turn on/off automatically.

Eero 6

Get a mesh connection for your home. You will not lose network quality, you will extend the wifi range and you will be able to add many more devices to the wifi network.

Mi humidifier

This gadget allows you to have the environment always with a comfortable humidity for you, and also allows you to decontaminate the environment of bacteria. It is ideal for people who have allergies or who find the environment very dry.

Yubico Security Key

This gadget will allow you to protect all your accounts with the two-step authentication system. In addition, if you have a google account, we recommend that you activate the advanced protection program.


The best mouse that adapts your hand. It can work with Bluetooth hoot or USB adapter.

Chromecast with Google TV

Convert your old TV into a smart TV for a low price and with the latest TV software. You can install apps and has a very good integration with google services.

Sandisk Ultra Luxe

This USB flash drive provides us with the highest write and read speed which can help us to speed up our workflow.